Thanks so much for stopping by our website. My name is Mr. King. I started this company in 1995. We named it after my nephew LaDarrin who passed away in 1995 at 9 years old. I vowed then that since only a small part of the world knew him,that the whole world would know his name! We started with nothing but just a few fragrances and a dream. Over the years we went from the trunk of the car,to flea markets,to major events,to store fronts,to our own skin care line and over 1,000 fragrances . It has been one heck of a ride....& it's still going! We have always had a great love for people and over the years we have met many wonderful people from all over the world. The foundation of this business has always been community. Our products were developed in very competitive markets but instead us competing we evolved into a company that creates and we use our products to help others. Whether it's helping up and coming entrepreneurs,youth groups, or sponsoring fundraisers we love giving back. Producing effective products that customers respond to is our passion. Since we started at ground level we never take not one sale of an item for granted and without people who gave us a chance we would not exist. Thank each and every person both past and present for allowing us to serve you. As we continue to evolve into what God wants us to be we are exited about the future. Your business or your potential business is truly appreciated.


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